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political rant on guns [19 Apr 2013|11:56am]
[ mood | upset ]

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow I got signed up for receiving emails from a Republican senator. And after what happened earlier this week, he decided to write an email to explain WHY he voted against the gun laws. The senator in question is Mike Lee from Utah.
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lmao XD [05 Mar 2013|06:05pm]

So my bf and I were discussing this image, and he goes "and I'm sure this counts for gay guys as well!"
Me, being confused, ask "How?"
And he answers "If I were gay and my gay lover comes over with beer, I would go "Please come in, my dear!""

LOL. All I could do now was imagine my bf with a man.
Yay for open-minded significant others <3
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[05 Mar 2013|08:56am]
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My name is Soccer, I am 11 years old and I live in Livingston.

  • Interests

    1. Trying to fly away with the grackles

    2. Playing with my swing secretly

    3. Sitting on my owners' arms

  • Favorite toys

    1. My green ladder

    2. The giant fluff thing

    3. The swing

  • Hobbies

    1. Sleeping

    2. Pruning

    3. Eating

  • Favorite foods

    1. Millet

    2. Sunflower seeds

    3. Cheerio-style foods

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[25 Feb 2013|12:17pm]
Whelp. I started really liking bara. XD thanks to bldl. So now I only want to scanlate/read stuff that... has a bara-esque storyline. Meaning: devoid of girly men, and rape, and all those other "lovely" yaoi stereotypes.

In other news: I want a job. =__= but at the same time I don't. Ugh it's so depressing to see my friend do so well in the research group I left in May, that he's already flying to Japan for the meeting... he's only a 3rd year, that's freaking awesome. Makes me think I should have stayed with the group, but on the other hand, I know that I wouldn't be doing well cus I'd be stuck under a prof that was never there / preoccupied with other students.

Basically, I'm in denial that I left academia. I'm afraid of taking on any old job because... it cannot compare to the awesome job I had before at the fore-front of science. -__-; ughhh. Well anyway, next month I will be going to a job fair, at which there will be plenty of teaching positions that I may apply to. Teaching... well it's ok, I just have no confidence that I'll be able to handle high schoolers. I just hope they'll give me a chance, even though I'm young, inexperienced, and talk softly. XD

I'm kind of in limbo right now. Some people keep telling me I have a luxury problem, but I really don't see it that way:
Basically, this job fair will be mid-March, then in April I'll hear back from graduate school, and in May I'll hear back from the European Space Agency. So now comes the question. What if I get a job at the job fair, do I take it and basically throw away my other choices (because if I take it, I really can't back out)? Or do I reject it and then have everything riding on those last 2 choices? And what if I get into Rutgers, for which the deadline for acceptance is before ESA? -__- of course, the job I want the most is the ESA position, because I love working with astrophysics. Not only that, I get to move to Holland, expenses are paid, I can bring my partner along, and he gets sponsored for a visa. Awesome job huh? XD and it's just an internship.
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hehe [09 Feb 2013|07:51pm]
I went outside just now, but sadly the snow has turned into powder during the day, because it was so cold. :\
However, the snow melted just enough that it created giant ice sheets right outside of the stairs to our apartment, LOL

Keep in mind these are covered stairs... all of this was blown in. XD

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